The American Institute of Dental Assisting

An Expanded Functions Dental Assisting program designed specifically for Pre-Dental students.

Life’s crowded.

Stand out.

At AIDA, we have designed a breakthrough program tailored specifically to Pre-Dental students to provide you a back stage pass into the Dental profession. We aim to make the experience you’ll gain, into THE MOST vital experience component in developing a strong application. With an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) Certification, which is achieved in just 10 weeks, you’re ready to become a contributing member of any dental team.

With your EFDA certification you will be legally certified to perform countless procedures directly on patients. That will allow you to develop skills that can only be developed chair side, that will help you excel in Dental School and will make you a top tier candidate with real world experience on your application.

As an EFDA, you are an extension of the dentist. You’ll work side by side with the doctor in delivering hands-on patient care. Working as an EFDA is like taking the profession for a test drive, developing skills that will serve you for life, and getting paid for it all the while!

AIDA is where you start, where you end is all up to you.


We offer two great routes to attain your EFDA certification

Pre-Dental EFDA Program

Our unique 10 week program designed to give Pre-Dental students the training required to get “wet glove” experience in Dentistry.

One Day EFDA

Designed for Dental Assistants with at least 3 months of on the job training who wish to gain their Expanded Functions and Radiology Certifications.

A Front Row Seat to Your Future


Less than half of Dental School applicants are accepted each year, and according to Kaplan DAT test prep, the average Science GPA of enrollees is a 3.46.

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– Journal of Dental Education

It’s About Time

Complete the Pre-Dental EFDA Program in 10 weeks!

A great deal of success in life is about timing. Getting your timing right when applying to professional school is no different. To make sure you are rising above the crowd, you want to make sure to enroll and complete the EFDA program with enough time to put those skills into practice. “Wet glove” experience is heavily weighed by admissions committees and early applications go out on June 4th!

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Dental School Application Timeline

June 4, 2019: First day to submit your 2019–2020 ADEA AADSAS application

Aug. 14 – Sept. 30, 2019: Academic Update period (1st academic period)

Dec. 4, 2019 – Feb. 3, 2020: Academic Update period (2nd academic period)

Dec. 2, 2019: Dental school decision release date to applicants

Feb. 3, 2020: 2019-2020 ADEA AADSAS closes

Feb. 10, 2020: Last day to submit all official documents to ADEA AADSAS

Just 6 Seats per Class


Next class start date is January 11th!

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